Altus Quality Manager

Recording Mode

Organizations can evaluate and control the quality of phone interactions between their clients and their contact agents..

By doing so, they can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. AQM allows you to record and analyze every phone call that your contact center has with clients on a daily basis.

An intuitive and easy to use graphic interface allows to analyze recordings and filter searches through different criteria like date and time of the call, agent or phone number.

Survey Mode

Offering your clients a great experience while interacting with your contact center is the best way to guarantee their satisfaction and fidelity.

Knowing first about your client´s perception of the service they receive is a great opportunity to make improvements if necessary.

Traditional surveys based in forms are rarely effective to evaluate client satisfaction.

On the other hand, verbal surveys applied days after, make forgetting important information easy. This are also very expensive because of the human resource. AQM survey mode allows you to survey your clients automatically, using their keyboard, immediately after they hang up the call with the agent.


Agent improvement

Manage the equality and training of your agents

Call search

Through filters like: date, hour, extension (final or origin)


You can generate reports from the results of your surveys.


Business intelligence for your contact center.