Altus Contact Center Manager

IVR Management Module

Altus Contact Center Manager allows you to manage your Cisco Contact Center IVR through an easy to use web interface. Anyone can create menu options upload audios and assign schedules, without any technical knowledge. It also allows you to modify queues, agents and skill assignments.

You can change the order of menu options through drag and drop. You can also record and upload MP3 files, ACCM converts the audio to the required format.

Queue, agent and abilities management Module

Cisco´s Contact Center Express management of queues, agents and abilities often requires administration privileges that are often restricted for the tech department personnel.

ACCM offers the possibilities of creating, editing, deleting queues, agents and abilities securely, without the need for and administrator access, , in an easy to use interface.


Menu actualization

It allows you to keep your menu options updated without any technical knowledge.

IVR options

You can create menu options from a web interface, as well as editing them and moving them through drag and drop.

Audio Recording

You can record audios from a cell phone or a PC and then convert it to MP3.


Menu options can be personalized so the call can be sent to a queue or an extension.